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by Rohit Khurana on February 16, 2012


Whenever you are working in your Mozilla browser and you have opened a lot of different tabs for the various things that you are working or browsing on, then at the end when you want to go away but you still need these links on your home or office computer, you might be finding a way to Email or Save While Closing Multiple Tabs Firefox. In that case when you will like to close your browser you will have to click the red cross button on the top right hand corner. When you will press this button you will get a pop up which will notify you by saying that you are about to close all the tabs that you have opened in your browser. And also it will ask your permission to perform the same task to close all the tabs. But you will not get this notification when you will only have only one tab opened in your browser.

multiple tabs 1

This is the pop up window which will open when you will try to close the multiple tabs in your Mozilla Firefox browser. The pop up window has a check box also which says Warn me when I attempt to close multiple tabs. Then at the bottom of the window there are two buttons Close tabs and Cancel. The check box is checked by default, Which notifies you that you are attempting to close multiple tabs and whether you want be warned about this for the next time while closing. If by mistake you uncheck this option then you will not be notified before closing the browser even if you have opened multiple tabs. So in case if you have unchecked this option and have been wondering since then on how to get the pop up for Close Multiple Tabs back because now when you close the browser and you have multiple tabs opened your Mozilla Firefox browser closes straightaway without any popup then your search ends here. Read further to find the answer.


multiple tabs 3

Now in order to get the pop up for the multiple tabs back you will have to get this window. Now there are actually two ways to do that first is press ALT key it will highlight the toolbar menu options and the other is to press the F10 key which will also highlight the toolbar menu options. Now in the toolbar menu options  click on the Tools menu a dropdown will open and then select the Options option.

multiple tabs 2

When you will click on the Options option it will open the above window. Now check the second checkbox in Tabs which says Warn me when closing multiple tabs. And then press OK and now you are good to go the pop up option that you were getting in the first place will again come when you will close the browser having multiple tabs opened.

You can also consider installing this extension called Close Multiple Tabs or Multiple Tab Handler – both of these extensions could be really useful for handling multiple tabs. In case you would like to close all the tabs but like to save them while closing you should install Session Manager or email  the links to all the web pages opened then use the extension Send Tab URLs

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