Improve Internet Safety By Encrypting DNS Data

by Rohit Khurana on May 18, 2012


Internet is a boon for most of us and has opened the doors for infinite information sharing for all, but like all good things, it also comes with its own troubles and hazards some of which are identity theft which may include stealing of passwords and financial data from your computer. DNS is one basic part of the internet which decides what internet address goes to which server. For example, when you type and press enter, the DNS server checks what is the server address for this website, then communicates with that server address which is typically an IP address. In case of a DNS hijack or DNS-poisoning, when you type the name of a website a bad DNS server will return a malicious address which will look just like original website and you may enter your login information on that page.


If that is a fake website (which looks very genuine because the address you see in address bar is correct), it may steal your login data and misuse it. We have previously shared with you a tool called Avira DNS Repair which can detect and remove DNS hijack infections from your Windows computer. But as they say “Prevention is better than cure” so its better to be safe from the DNS attacks and poisoning rather than repairing it later. In this article I will share with you a light weight but effective tool by OpenDNS called the DNSCrypt which encrypts the DNS requests on the network which makes the DNS sniffing or decoding the DNS request on the way almost impossible. This will protect your Internet connectivity to be sniffed at DNS level and will make your computer more secure from DNS related attacks.


DNS Crypt TRay Icon

Using DNSCrypt is fairly simple and it is available for both Windows and Mac OS. Simply download and Install it on your Windows or MAC computer and it will start to encrypt the DNS traffic effectively. This software is free and in public Beta which means that it is not fully released software and may have some bugs or unknown problems. We tested it on a Windows 7 32 bit computer and it seems to work fine without any problems on our tests. If you are a geek and too paranoid about using a network security tool, the code of DNSCrypt has been made available as open source code which you can check from their official homepage. We hope that this tip will help you keep safe from Cyber threats, check out some more security tips by TroubleFixers.

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