Enhance Hard Disk And PC Performance By Disk Defragmentation

by Rohit Khurana on August 31, 2010


You might be saving data over and over again in the hard disk. After a certain period of time you notice that the speed and efficiency is not as good as it was initially. This might happen due to several reasons. One of them is the fragmentation of the files. The problem can be easily resolved with freeware software Puran Defrag.

Puran Defrag is a software of 2.4 MB only. It is a very good tool which can defragment your drives and enhance the performance of your computer. It provides you a variety of options to carry out the process the way you want to. You can apply the settings to automatically defragment or in a defined way.


The tool is user friendly and can be used easily. As you can see the above snapshot, it shows the all the drives. You can select any one of them and then analyze or defrag it. It will show the result in two formats:

  • Cluster Map: represents which part is actually fragmented.
  • Last Report: shows the complete details of the last process.

The results are shown as shown in the snapshot below.




Based on the analysis, you can select to defrag the drive or some particular folders as per the requirement. There is the option for Boot Time Defrag also. And you can choose to shutdown your system after the defragmentation. The Low Priority option will set the defragmentation of the files later on if they are presently in use. This is manage the on-going tasks.

There are some additional operations also which helpful in improving the efficiency and speed of the hard disk. It also serve the purpose of excluding some files while defrag of the whole drive. You can select them manually, browse them or define a particular size range within which defragmentation is not required.

You can also carry this process with the help of UltraDefrag Tool. There are large number of options which will make the tasks easy, simple and as per requirement. They are as shown in the snapshot below.


You can select the drives you want to automatic defragment. Use the check box for various options. Mention the way, you want to carry out and choose the defragmentation. It can be based upon the screensavers, if system is idle, based upon day and date. Now, you do not have to check the drive again and again.

It is compatible with Windows XP/2003/ Vista/ 2008/7. You can download the free version which is free for personal use.

Download Puran Defrag

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