Extract Files From Damaged or Corrupt RAR Archive With RAR Fix

by Rohit Khurana on July 26, 2011


With the increase in usage of computer systems and internet, data transfer has definitely become one of the most common activities done irrespective of the domain in which someone works. But, due to the limitation of bandwidth and speed of the internet, user is restricted to transfer only small sized and light files over the internet through e-mail or through some other medium. Now, in order to send heavy files what we can do is, simply reduce the size of the file by some extent and one of the most common methods of decreasing this file size is by compressing it. For this compression there are many tools which are available as a freeware or on the internet. Now, we very well know that when it comes to compressing files & folder, WinRAR and many such tools are widely used. Files which are compressed using this tool have .RAR extension and are popularly known as RAR archive files.

Normally, it is uncommon and doesn’t happen frequently that a RAR archive file gets corrupted. But when it happens then it is almost impossible to abstract any content from those archive files. So, for such situations when data is pretty important and you really need to repair these corrupted archive files in order to obtain uncorrupted files located under then, then we recommend you one of the small yet powerful utility named as RARFix, which is available as a freeware and can help you in extracting that uncorrupted content from that corrupted RAR archive file.



Basically, this small utility i.e. RAR Fix fixes your corrupt compressed files in almost no time. Whatever may be the cause of damage but irrespective of that cause, you will be able to easily open those corrupted files of RAR format with the help of this tool. RAR Fix is very easy to install and it is really a small and tiny utility with installation file of 1.79 MB in size and takes very less hard disk space. After installing it, you may start RAR Fix and on starting, firstly it will ask you to locate and select those damaged/corrupted RAR archives.

After doing so, now you just have to click on the Next button given in the interface in order to start the process of WinRAR fix corrupt files download. The complete analysis of the selected archive file may take some time, and you may have to wait a lot for the successful completion of WinRAR fix corrupt files download. Once it completes all its process it will provide you with a detailed list of all the files that are present there inside that rar archive and allows you to select the particular file which you want to recover. It provides you with the options with the help of a simple check box from where you may select multiple files and click next to start recovery and uncompressing process.

Download RAR Fix to Recover Corrupted & Damaged RAR Archives files.

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Dudemanguy December 23, 2011 at 8:18 am

I’m using this program right now… and when it finishes there is no ‘Next’ button. I only see back and finish…am I doing something wrong?

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