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by Rohit Khurana on August 6, 2010


Being a new to computer we always find difficult to know the size of our drives on the computer system when are installing the software on our system. Sometimes we are unable to install some applications on our system(computer) due to low disk space.

But there is a solution to this problem as we can use a application known as Folder Size which helps us to get the complete information about the folders in our hard disks.

It is simply a add-on to for our systems which creates a new option to see the size of folders in the application window. Though Folder Size proved very easy to use, a Help file or other guide would have been beneficial to let new users know what steps to take to use this program. Folder Size doesn’t offer an extensive feature set, but it does exactly what it says and any user concerned with folder size will benefit from this simple freeware tool.

You might be feeling why I am telling this? As a new in the computer field some times we are installing some software on the system and it could not be installed due to low disk space but we are not able to understand the problem and says that it’s a software problem, but no its not a software problem but its due to low space in the hard disk.

So to keep our system in working state and to know the details about our hard disk we can use this application which will give us the detailed information regarding the folders in our hard disk.

Now in terms of technical specification it is being coded in C++. Technical people are friendly with this language and will know that it will use a very little space on the system.


Its quite a user friendly application i.e. user will be able to use it in easy and organized manner with out any complexity. New Features are being added in its new version in order to provide user specific information

Screenshot Studio capture #008

Now the steps we have to follow in order to get the information can be understood with the hel of next snapshot

Screenshot Studio capture #009

01) Add the location where you want to get the information

02) After entering the location click on GO button.After that following screen will come

03) At any time you can STOp the application from its processing.

04) These are the features which includes size,count,and physical information regarding the folder.

05) The detailed information of the folder.

06) This shows the latest activity you have performed on he folder

07) through this you can explore the folder.

Since it is easy to use so it can be easily operated by a new comer to the computer field to get the detailed information regarding his folders on the hard disk..

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