Is Facebook ‘Dislike button’ Genuine or Another Facebook Scam?

by Rohit Khurana on May 18, 2011


Recently we mentioned about the new spam detected on Facebook which used a new technology of Java Script Click-Jacking,  this spam was outstanding as compared to the others which were observed before. There are two factors which can make a spam luring and tricky, one of them is using a ‘smart way or technology’ to trap the users like the one used recently and the other factor can be the ‘idea or the topic’ of the spam which should be luring to all the users. We will talking more about a spam which has recently attacked Facebook after that ‘Account Verification’ Spam.



We have always wanted a ‘Dislike’ button on our Facebook page but we know that till now we haven’t got this till now. This time spammers have used this idea to spam the account but the method they used was quite old and based on pasting the Java Script on the web browser, so it was expected that it will be very difficult for the average users to fall into this trap, but the story is little different.

Despite of this method being popular, many user fell into this trap and resulted in posting this message to on the wall of their friends, the message says that “Facebook has a dislike button! Click enable dislike button to turn ON this new feature”. As soon as you will click this link, it will take you to a page where it will ask you to paste the Java Script in the web browser, once you do so, the same message will go on the walls of all your friend. The worst part is that till now Facebook has not been able to detect these kind of spams automatically, even if they have implemented some measures, then it is being bypassed this spam.

In the end let me make it clear again that till now they have not offered any Dislike Button and even if they do so then you will notified by Facebook itself.I hope that sooner they will take a measure to identify these spams automatically and I also hope that you will help me to share this information to as many user as you can, as this information is really important for all the Facebook users. Please share your problem in the comments section, we will be glad to answer it.

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