Facebook App To Protect Facebook Account From Malicious Links and Attacks

by Rohit Khurana on October 19, 2011


Facebook which is currently being used by around 800 million users throughout the world and thus this number makes it the most obvious attack points for all the spammers throughout the world. We have always been talking about the attacks spammers keep on making again and again on Facebook and so this time Facebook has finally taken a great leap for the solution to this problem. One of the known security firms, WebSense has got the responsibility to get rid of the spammers from Facebook.


Now before going further let me tell you that how these spams prove to be harmful for the users on Facebook. These spams claim to do provide many attractive gifts or features on Facebook like giving you the option to see the number of people viewed your profile or letting you have the free iPhone, free Facebook T-Shirts or something else similar to these. So, by getting attracted to these offers you click on them and then you complete the formalities for getting those gifts.


These formalities might include a survey form or Java script which may retrieve your personal information like Credit Card information, your e-mail account ID and password or anything important to you. These spammers will not offer you anything and this is for sure but instead they may take away anything important to you. So, you should not click any of the links which seems to lure because of some unbelievable offers. But it might get difficult for the newbies to decide whether the link is genuine or not. So, here the role of WebSense comes in, whenever you click any of the links which takes you away from the Facebook page, then that link will be sent to WebSense which in return will be analyzed by them.

Now if the link is not genuine or spam then it will display the warning message indicating that you should not visit the page. If you ignore that warning then you will be directed to visit that link or else you can stay back and avoid the problem. All the links will be scanned weather they are of any video or any application and the scanning as soon as you click that link. So, from now onwards you will know whenever a link is a spam. I think it is a great initiative taken by Facebook for securing the confidentiality and privacy of the users. Check out official page of WebSense here.

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