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by Rohit Khurana on November 6, 2010


Currently with more than 500 million users Facebook is one of the most active social networking sites available on the web today, I am sure that almost everyone who uses internet these days have a profile on Facebook. It is one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with you friends and the loved ones. Well many people are busy or on the go most of the time and they normally don’t have the time to keep visiting the website again and again in order to keep updated about their Facebook messages and wall posts.

Now sometimes what happens is that one of your Facebook friend who is online, wants to chat to you about something and he pokes you or sends you a message or asks you to come online by posting on your wall. What actually happens is that even if you are online you and dont log in to Facebook on a different window you dont get to know about theĀ  new message sent to you and you miss out the information or the time sensitive message he wanted to deliver it to you.

These days most of us have mobile phones with internet available on them and for most types there is an application available for Facebook, may it be a blackberry, iphone or an android which lets you know whenever you get a new message or a new wall post with help of a visual or an audible alarm. So what if, you can get a same client which lets you know about your latest updates instantly on your desktop ?

We have the exact thing you were looking for, The Facebook desktop application for desktop. This little free application enables you to be logged in automatically until you log out and notifies you about your new messages, friend requests , pokes and wallposts so you dint have to keep checking frequently for updates on a browser.

All you need is an internet connection, windows 2000 or later and an updated .NET framework.

After installing the application you will se a small window like this

fb fb2

In the first tab you will be informed that you are logged in or not and in the second tab you will be able to choose from options like show pop up, start with windows and automatically login when available , if you don’t want the hassle of logging in again and again you can click the last option and if you are not the only person using the computer i would not suggest you to do that because i myself have suffered the consequences of others playing with my Facebook account.Also you can set the application frequency to check your Facebook account according to your own convenience like a minute or so. You can also change the view of the tabs to scroll bar or multiline.


Now in order to log in, you will have to go through a couple of steps which would be as follows :

fb 3 fb5

In the first step you will be asked to log in to Facebook in an internet browser window then you will be prompted to allow Facebook desktop client to use your basic information like name , profile picture , gender etc. and any other information you’ve shared with everyone. By allowing the application to use the information you will be able to log in to your Facebook account through this client.

After having logged in you will see a widow which will show your information in the following way


it will show you the number of unread messages, new pokes , new friend requests and all your wall posts

If you dont want to see the pop up then there is a small icon on the system information bar and also there is a shortcut on the desktop as well.

fb4 fb7

If you want to see the about section of the application then you have to click the about tab there you will see the information of the application, about the desktop version and it shows the statement that this free ware is not affiliated with Facebook , so if you are ok with a third party application accessing your Facebook information then it is ok to use the application.

In the end we would say that if you are a regular Facebook user then this this application might be useful to you. It is free and very light so there is no harm in keeping the application on your computer.

Download Facebook Desktop Client

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