Beware Of Fake Netflix Spam And Phishing Emails

by Rohit Khurana on October 7, 2010


It generally happens that we do not read our mails completely and we just read the Subject name of that mail. If it is some of advertisement then we ignore it and if it is something which is unfamiliar or useful, even then instead of reading the whole mail, we click on the link in that mail expecting that it will redirect us to the main website which will help us to retrieve the full information related to the mail which was received by us.


Now this is the general habit of all the users, so hackers and spammers take due advantage of this habit. In this edition of news I will be telling you about some of the span emails which appear to be send by Rougue Netfilx and these mails will also have a link which will redirect you to another website having a malware. These emails appear to be send by Rouge Netflix, but they are being generated by a botnet.


These mails consist of a link, which will definitely not direct you to Rougue Netflix, but it will take you to another site which will consist of a malware. Now this will download the malware on your system and then it will install it on your system by exploiting the vulnerabilities in the applications like Flash Player, Adobe Reader or Java. By now, you must have realized that clicking on any of the link in these mails is very easy as the subject of these mails are “Your disc problem report has been received” and the users who have not even used the Netflix service will click on that mail by expecting that this mail would have been sent to them as a mistake.

But then that mail can harm your system to a great extent. So, I will suggest all the readers to open their and then read the full description about the mail and if that mail is of no use then please delete it or report it as spam. We will try our best to keep our readers updated with this news, lets see how this issue will be resolved. Meanwhile if you come across any source of information, then please do not hesitate to put it in our comments column. We will be glad to share it. So, be attentive and try to ignore the mails which are of no use to you. Enjoy and have a nice day!

source – Softpedia

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