Faster Shutdown By Cleaning Junk Files On Every Shutdown With Smart Auto Shutdown Tool

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on March 3, 2010


Most of the computers start accumulating lots of junk like temporary files, cache, cookies, temporary registry vales etc. In this article I will review a small freeware utility called  Smart Auto Shutdown which helps you improve your computer’s speed by smartly cleaning up all these files just before shutdown, when you don’t need these files anymore.


Smart Auto Shutdown is a small utility that will sit with your tray icons . You can configure the options while installation or later using the tray icon. It gives you options to clean the following files and records just before shutdown :

  • Cleans files In temporary folders
  • Cleans Internet Explorer Cache
  • Cleans Firefox Cache
  • Cleans Cookies
  • Cleans Webpage visited history
  • Clean Opened Documents History
  • Cleans Temporary Registry values

You can configure the utility very easily to clean or not-clean any of the above mentioned items as per your needs, so its fully configurable.

During installation it will show a wizard to configure it for the first time use.


You can select what you want to clean and what you want to leave just as it is.



The next option asks you to start it with windows start. The benefit of this option is that it will always display a tray icon so you need not go and find it when you quickly want to shutdown your computer.


When you click the small red icon in the system tray, it shows a window like this which tells you how many files and settings are lined up for cleaning.


You can simply remove them without shutdown also by clicking the remove button, or when shutting down, just press the shutdown button on the window above and it will clean the computer and shutdown it.


The above icon is the Smart Auto Shutdown icon as it appears in my Windows 7 system tray. This toll is Windows 7 fully compatible.

Download Smart Auto Shutdown

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