FileAlyzer To Find Complete Details About File Modification & Permissions

by Rohit Khurana on November 2, 2011


Sometimes you have to analyze some file more deeply than you have ever done with any other file. the reason for that may be anything to make it secure, to unlock a secure file or to edit a secure file. I Today I have an application for you named FileAlyzer which will help you to analyze the properties of files like checksum, file integrity and security faults and many more.

The application will show you the content of the file in form of HEX dump. It will also allow you to analyze the file properties like meta tags, hashes, file integrity, file loop holes and many more things which you cant find out about a file using the windows file properties option. The application also give you the option to to verify the file integrity with the online source like Virus Total and ThreatExpert.

filealyz- 1

This is the first window which will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. the various toolbar option present in the application are File, Edit, Window, Report and Help. Below the toolbar is the icon bar which has options like Open, Cut, Copy and Paste. It also has three view options which will change the view of the various windows in the tool like Cascade, Tile Horizontally and Tile Vertically. When you will open a file in the application the various properties of the file that this application will show you are General, Hex, Anomalies, OpenSBI, Map, Bitmap, Streams, Text, Security, Hashes, Classification Sources an Virus Total.

filealyz- 2


The File menu option has options like Open, Reopen, Close, Settings and Exit. The open option is used to open a new file in the application, The Reopen option is used to reopen a previously opened file.

filealyz- 3

The Edit menu has the basic edit menu options like Cut, Copy and Paste. All the menu options will have the shortcuts in front of them in the menu.

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The Window menu option has options like Compare opened files, Compare saved set of files, Cascade, Tile Horizontally, tile Vertically, Minimize All and Arrange All. Compare opened files will open all the previously opened files in the compare mode. Compare saved set of files will open al the saved files in compare mode. Cascade, Tile Horizontally, tile Vertically, Minimize All and Arrange All are all different view options.

filealyz- 5

The Report menu has options like Save report to file, Copy text report to clipboard, Copy text report to new Notepad window, Copy HTML report to new browser window, Copy XML report to new browser window, Copy XML report to new Notepad window.

Download FileAlyzer.

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