Find Blue Screen Of Death Error Information

by Rohit Khurana on October 12, 2011


Some times while working on our computer we get BSOD(Blue Screen of Death). Whenever this happens you cannot do anything except for shutting down the computer and restarting it again. In case you the files will get corrupt the system will not restart again and you will have to reformat it. But if your computer opens up you can scan the files which were created due to the BSOD crashes. I have got  a tool named BlueScreenView which will help you to find out the reason for the crash. The application will read the dump file and will show you the information like date, time, bug check code, bug check string, file description, version, product, company and other information regarding the crash.

bluescreenview 1

This is the first window that will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading it. The software doesn’t require installation and will run directly from the exe file which you will get after extracting the ZIP file. The various toolbar options available in the software are File, Edit, View, Options and Help. There is an icon bar just below the toolbar which has icons like Advanced options, Save Selected Options,  Refresh, Copy Selected Items, Properties, Find and Exit.

bluescreenview 2

The File menu has options like Save Selected Items, Properties, Google Search – Bug Check + Driver and Exit. The Save Selected Items options is used to save the selected items. Properties options is used to open the properties options of the selected file. The Google Search – Bug Check options is used to check the error code on Google for solutions.


bluescreenview 3

Edit menu has some basic options like Find, Copy Selected Items, Explorer Copy, Select All and Deselect All. Find option is to find a particular entry in the list. The Select All and Deselect All options are used to select and deselect all the items present.

bluescreenview 4

The View menu contains options like Show Grid Lines, Show Tool Tips, Mark Odd/Even Rows, HTML Report – All Items, HTML Report – Selected Items, Choose Columns and Auto Size Columns. Mark Odd/Even Rows option is used to mark the even rows and odd rows with grey and white. The Show Grid Lines is used to show the grid lines between columns. HTML report can be generated either for all the items or selected items using the HTML Report – All Items and HTML Report – Selected Items options. The Choose Columns is used to select what all columns do you want to see in the tool. Auto Size Columns is used to auto size the columns according to the data that they have.

bluescreenview 5

The Properties menu option has options like Lower Pane Mode, Mark Drivers Found In Cash Stack, Show time In GMT, Add Header Line To CSV/Tab-Delimited File, Advanced Options. The Lower Pane Mode has Options like All Drivers, Only Drivers Found In Stack, Blue Screen in XP Style, DumpChk Output and Raw Data.

Download BlueScreenView.

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dave February 25, 2013 at 8:44 pm

though my laptop (win 7 basic – 64 bit with 4 gb ram) is configured to create dump files, it is not creating the same in the c:\windows\minidump folder nor anywhere else. I am having Stop Error F4 every 4/5 days. I installed Whocrashed and BlueScreenView programmes but to no avail.

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