Find, Delete Duplicate, Similar Images As Per Pixel Hashes, EXIF Differences

by Rohit Khurana on January 16, 2011


If you have same photo in different folders in your PC and you do not know the location of the duplicate photos, then you can use Duplicate Photo Finder to find out duplicate and remove them. Duplicate Photo Finder is free powerful tool that helps you to find and remove duplicate photos on your PC. With this program you can easily clean up your photo collection from duplicate and even similar images fast and easily and with this you can save valuable disc size of your PC.

Just download and then install it. Click on DuplicatePhotoFinder.exe to open it.


Browse to originals folder and duplicates folders using the folder browser. Now click on “Compare Photos Now”. It will take just few milliseconds to find duplicate photos in the folders you selected. Result will be displayed at the bottom. Decide which photos you want to delete by clicking either on “Delete Checked Duplicates” or “Delete All Duplicates”, depending on your preference. You can even delete multiple duplicate images in one go. The deleted photos go into Recycle Bin (just in case you delete the wrong photos).


In Duplicate Photo Finder, you can compare photos using 3 options:

  • Simple – Compare file – Fast, medium reliability
  • File Signatures – Compare file hashes – Very Slow, highly reliability (includes EXIF differences)
  • Photo Signatures – Compare pixel hashes – Very Slow, highly reliability (excludes EXIF differences)

But there are limitations of this application. This allows you to only compare photos that are of jpeg extension and not PNG, GIF, etc. and this application does not make use of threading/multi-threading, and you have to wait for tasks to complete before starting a new task.

Duplicate Photo Finder is very simple and easy to use utility that lets you find and delete duplicate photos. There is nothing complex in using this application. So find duplicate photos using this application, delete it and organize your photo collection and save your valuable disc space of your PC.

Download Duplicate Photo Finder (requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0)

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