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by Rohit Khurana on February 5, 2011


Many processes are running in our system as soon as we switch on our system. But we don’t have access to these processes. What we can access are few programs through the task manager. Networking, CPU usage and few other are available. But there are many more. For example, all the programs present on the system tray are active but we can’t know their coverage areas. Many a times we need to access the corresponding files and few links . So today, I would like to present a utility called “Process Director”. As the name suggests it is used to track all the active processes of your system.

Process Director is a small freeware of 2.91 MB. It displays the all the active process as shown in the snapshot below. All these activities are actually either hidden or inaccessible for the user.


There are many interrelated activities going on side by side. The manipulation may be required at certain levels to carry out the process according to the requirement. Every active program displayed in by Process Director further consists of four options: Memory, Modules, Open Files, Related Processes and Threads. All these have been shown in the snapshot below.

  • Memory: Every activity use a large number of files for processing. All these files may take very small memory space but are important for consideration.
  • Modules: The modules and related Exports and Imports will be displayed. You can remove any module if you want.
  • Threads: You can kill a thread and suspend it if required.

Free Process Director for Windows_2011-02-04_19-26-21

There are few other options apart from these. You can access them from the menu bar or the toolbar. Some of the important options are Check for DLLs, Lock Finder, Monitor Active Port, Monitor IP Traffic and Monitor File Access. Also there is an option of PID if you want to display it.


Now, you can view any of the active processes in your system. Manipulate them according to your requirement. It will not only help you to have an access but also stop the unwanted processes. There may be many processes which are hidden, so you are completely unaware of them. Now, you can deactivate or delete them. This will support to increase the memory space and the fast processing as well.

The tool is compatible with Windows 7 (32 bit version only), XP and Vista. It is currently not supporting 64 bit version. You can easily download the tool but you have to submit your email id to ensure the authentic user. Though the freeware will be directly downloaded to your system.

Download Process Director

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