Find Out Running Programs Process Validity, Ports and Identify Fake Suspicious Process

by Rohit Khurana on August 30, 2011


Security is definitely one of the major concerns for all the users in almost every domain. Users who access the Internet and web are somehow more prone to security threats. The number of software and utilities that we download from web without even considering the effects and harm that they may cause to our system is very large. Various malware and spywares are there which comes along with some of the freely available tools and utilities on the web and then they get installed on Windows based system and they may prove to be real threat for the user. They may even steal the personal information or data and may transmit it through the internet.

So, in order to avoid such situation one should be prepared enough to protect the system against such threats and suspicious programs and tools. For this, we recommend you one of the latest developed tools which can easily serve this purpose of securing the system against any kind of external threats. Xyvos System Explorer is basically a small, easy to use and a freeware tool which has been especially designed and developed for Windows based system. This tool shows all the currently running process in the system, along with all the active TCP /UDP connections made to/from the system and also the Autorun entries from the registry of the system. Along with all the features mentioned above, this smart tool also allows the user to monitor any kind of suspicious activities on your PC. This small app is a nice portable system explorer which comes with large number of features and functionalities. It also displays information about the processes including their process name, Path, PID, Company name, Authenticode signed etc.



If you want to use it or if you simply want to try it out, then it can be downloaded from the below given link and then can be easily installed with the help of few basics steps that are generally associated with installation of any such utility. After launching it, you may observe that it has a tabbed interface with basically three tabs- processes running in Windows, TCP/UDP connection and the third with all the Autorun entries in the computer. If there is any updation in any of the services of the system then this app refreshes automatically with it. One may also simply kill any of the currently running process or any of the established connection from the context menu of the app.


So, download it from the given link and find out all other functionalities of this tool and you will get to know that it really provides a better way to find out all the hidden spywares and other potentially unwanted software in your computer which may otherwise harm it.

Download Xyvos System Explorer

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