Find And Remove SpyBot And Spy Softwares Form Computer

by Rohit Khurana on February 9, 2011


We think that we have installed the anti-virus which will solve all the problems for us. But it is not always like that. There are few problems which cannot be covered by them. Also at the same time these can be major problems for our system. Problems like spyware and malware, unwanted issues affecting our system. To solve all these problems, I would like to introduce a utility called as Spybot – Search & Destroy. It will not only delete the matter harmful for your system but also protect it for future use.

Spybot – Search & Destroy is a freeware of 19.4 MB. It solves many of your problems. The user interface has been shown in the snapshot below. The column on the left shows the functions it can perform.

  • Search & Destroy
  • Recovery
  • Immunize
  • Update


You can check for the updates available. There will be different modes to check the update in case you are not able to get by one. The tool will be in the default made, select the advanced mode to enjoy the large number of options. It can be selected by Mode in the menu bar. Settings and Tools will be added on the left hand side.

Go to Search & Destroy. Select the Check for problems options. It will display all the detected problems. Check box the problems you may like to fix up. You can fix all the problems at the same time. Please check before marking as there may be some anti-virus etc. related options which you may not like to change. But they are not harmful even if you fix them.



Then you have the recovery option, as you all know it is for the backup purposes. Another important feature is the immunization. It is for the passive protection by the utility itself. Click on immunize for the protection. You can undo the option, if you feel that the passive protection is unwanted. Both the processes will be completed in few seconds.


Thus, overall the freeware will protect your system from the hacking, spyware and malwares. It will solves your registry key problems so that you may not have to face the pop-ups again and again.

The freeware has been tested with Windows 7, and it is compatible with windows 2000/ XP /Vista.

Download Spybot – Search & Display

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