Find Stolen Netbook or Laptop Location – Track It Wherever It Goes

by Rohit Khurana on October 6, 2010


In today’s 21st century, we like to save all our important data- phone numbers, work documents, photos and many more in digital form in our laptop, netbook or smart phones. And we carry it with us everywhere we go for our convenience.

Although we always keep a watchful eye on these things while carrying with us but still there is a probability that somebody steals our laptop or phone. But we can not afford to lose our data in the laptop besides its cost. So, it is very important to take precautionary measures for the safety of our digital products.

Now a days, many companies are providing the feature of tracking in smart phones. But, there is no such option in our laptops. So, for the solution of this, there is a free web service which provides theft recovery assistance for the mobile devices.

LockItTight is a completely free service site which provides many features with which you can always keep an eye on your products even after they are stolen.

It will take just a few minutes for doing the settings and after that you can you can access the reports of your product from any computer.

At first, you have to sign up on the site which is free. The sign up page will appear like this. You just have to fill the required information. After the sign up, you just have to download the client software and install it in your device which you want to track.


When you will install the software, you have to put the username and password of your lockItTight account. After that, the installation will get completed in few minutes.



Now, you can access the reports of your mobile device by just ‘log in’ in the site which will take you to your account. You will be provided with many features.


The  option of ‘locations’ will show you the current location of your device in either the maps, satellite or terrain.


LockItTight client software will capture and report the computer screen to LockItTight server at a specified interval. These screenshots can be seen in the option of ‘Screens’.


If your computer is equipped with a webcam, LockItTight client software will take a shot and send the picture to LockItTight server at at a specified interval which you can see in the option of ‘camera’.

The ‘settings’ option will let you set the settings of your reports accordingly.


In case your computer is lost or stolen, you will be able to find where is your computer, who is using it and what he/she is doing with your computer with this service easily. And with all the evidences provided to police, the chance of retrieving your lost computer will be much higher.

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Terry February 9, 2012 at 2:45 am

I am assuming this software must be installed on laptop before it being stolen right? :) My daughter’s was stolen/lost but we didn’t have your software on it so am guessing there isn’t much we can do at this point, correct?

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