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by Rohit Khurana on August 12, 2010


Windows error lookup tool is the one of the useful tool for the end user as it helps the user to get the information about the error that the user are facing in using the particular application.

Windows Error Lookup Tool is a handy utility designed to return info about error codes displayed by your system. Windows Error Look up Tool will display a description of windows errors with the ability to create a note for that error. So we can able to add a note about the particular error easily.

We always face many error messages regarding some technical errors of the system but always unable to find the details of that error. we have to googled it in order to find out the details of that  error, but now with the help of windows error lookup tool we are able to get the complete information regarding the particular error.

We have to just enter the error no. in the hexadecimal or a decimal format and the wizard will return the detail information of the error code. But one thing we keep in mind that we should always enter the correct code in correct format because there are many error message with same no. like

12 and 0x12 are two different numbers and different errors

so we should be specific in writing about the error no.

Screenshot Studio capture #026


This is how the utility looks we should enter the error code and the result will be displayed against the error number.

Screenshot Studio capture #027

As shown in the above snapshot we have entered the error no the result is being displayed about that result.And one add-on feature of the application is that the user will able to add the notes about the error which will be shown in future. So it is quite easy to use and very specific in its operation.It also includes three different parameters for the error that are:WIN32/HRESULTS, NTSTATUS, STOP Error.

Now we should talk about the system requirements about this utility. It is just a 13 kb small application and the system requirements for this is utility are as:


Hard disk-40GB

Processor-Pentium 4

But the demerit of this application is that it does not provide the solution regarding the error.It might be the future aspect of the developer to add the feature of providing the solution to the error number.


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