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by Rohit Khurana on January 12, 2011


Most of us prefer to Google whenever we have to search the meaning of a new word. But the first dictionary may not state the exact meaning or you may not be able to understand it. So, either you choose to leave the word or you have to end up by going through a number of pages. This sometimes becomes inconvenient when you are already in a hurry. So, I have found WordCaster as a solution to this problem. It will make the work easy and convenient.

WordCaster is a small freeware of 2.23 MB with a configuration file of 1.01 KB only. It is a portable tool. The utility will allow you to search the meaning of a word from different sources. All the results will be displayed in one interface so that the user can understand in better manner.The user interface has been shown in the snapshot below.


First of all you have to add the sites from where you would prefer to search the definitions. Few dictionaries ahs been already added to the tool. You can select them through the drop menu. Add all the required sites. Then enter the word and click on Get Definition. The snapshot below shows the meaning of a word from two different sources. It displays corresponding plural, verb etc.


To add a new dictionary add it in the configuration file which is an executable file. The addition can be done following a particular syntax shown below:

<add siteName=“<Unique Site Name>” description =“<Description of Entry >” definitionRegex=“< RegEx for Definition>” url=“ <Enter URL Here, specifying place to put word to be defined by {Term}>”/>

Enter the site in the above stated format in the configuration file and select it from the drop down menu. So, now you can search the words from the selected sites and that too simultaneously.


The utility has been recently designed and the developer will be adding new features soon to this tool like deletion of the spurious words. As nothing is perfect, there are few loopholes. If there are many meaning of one word, it will show only the first result. The processing time to search the definition is quite large. Sometimes, the selected sited may not be able to show the results as shown in the snapshot below.


For a better understanding about the utility, you can go through the video shown below.

The utility has been on Windows 7 so it will be compatible with all the other versions also. The other requirement of the utility is .net framework 3.5.

Download WordCaster

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