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by Rohit Khurana on May 16, 2011


Firefox is the browser which is being used by a large number of users. The reason for the popularity is the convenience and numerous options available with it. The add – ons make it more useful and handy. Enjoying all these available facility, we can proceed with our in a fine manner. But as we know, the options available can always be the better than the previous ones. Also, firefox inspite of being a wonderful browser may not provide all the features that a user may need. So, I would like to present FireFox Tweak which the browser even better.

FireFox Tweak is a Mozilla Firefox add – on. The extension will take few seconds in installation due to the very small size. the extension will be present with the other add – on. You can simply go to the add – on and find firefox tweak as shown in the snapshot below.

Add-ons Manager - Mozilla Firefox 4

Click on the Options button to make the required changes. The options as shown in the snapshot will be available for you. You can tick mark or fill the required entries to make the changes.



The changes that the user can make using the utility are as described. You can choose that the icon if the website should be displayed or not. To have the fast accessibility of the required data, you can disable prefetch. The blinking text can be disabled if it hampers your work in progress. The toolbar tips sometimes cause the discontinuity, so you can disable them. Also, there are options to enable or disable the copying with the middle mouse click, for the default search bar and single click in address bar.

There are few advance network tweaks also like maximum connections, maximum connections per server, persistent connections per server and per proxy. You can specify all these options by entering the required digit in the box given behind. Then we also have the pipelining tweaks. Here, you can select whether the pipelining and proxy pipelining is required or not. Also, both can be selected and their maximum limit can be specified.

At last you can make the changes in configuration. These configurations can be selected based upon the speed of the system and the connection. The two can be selected as slow or fast. The five different combinations are given for the users. All these features will add to your convenience.

The extension is compatible with al the versions on firefox.

Install FireFox Tweak

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