Increase Firefox Speed and Performance Without Reinstall

by Rohit Khurana on April 5, 2011


Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. The Internet Explorer being the major one, with Google Chrome in the third place which is growing faster. Firefox has recently revealed Firefox 4 which is considerably light and faster then Firefox 3. Still many Firefox users complain about the slow speed of the Firefox browser. If you are still running Firefox 3, consider updating it to latest version 4 (here).



If you still feel that there is some lag in Firefox, the main reason behind such lags is usually add-ons which we install on the Firefox. No doubts that add-ons make Firefox cool and convenient in so many ways, but many add ons are too heavy and make Firefox as mush as 74% slower. Earlier there was no convenient way of checking which add-ons or Firefox plugins are causing it to be slow, but not anymore.

Mozilla has launched an official list of the add-ons which bring down the performance of the Firefox. Now you don’t need to reset Firefox profiles or re-install Firefox. Just check whether the plugins which you have install falls into these list. Then what you can do is, either remove the slowing plugin or add-on or simple disable it until you really need to use it. This will give an instant performance boost to your Mozilla Firefox browser. Give it a try and let us know via comments below how you benefitted form this data.

Slow Performing Firefox Add-ons Official list

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