Fix, Correct Scanned Images of Documents, Text To Make Them Read WIth OCR With Solway Deskew

by Rohit Khurana on August 22, 2011


Computers came with a bang and brought a complete revolution in each and every domain wherever they were used. With the advancements in technology, size of the computers was reduced and its power, speed, performance increased by leap. Many useful devices were introduced which made work lots easier and were used along with the computers. One of such devices, we all know is scanner which definitely made work lot easier in many domains. As said, scanners have definitely made our life easier, as it is surely one of the inexpensive ways to get your paper documents or book pages in e-form. Although, advanced technology and methodologies have definitely been a boon in various domains but still even with this advance scanning technology options that these scanners have, they still fails to fix the skewed documents and often ends up scanning documents with a little slant. So, it becomes difficult for such skewed documents to parse by OCR’s as even the slightest orientation in characters and that text often leads to lower the accuracy rate for the character recognition and also the printed document doesn’t look fine at all.



So, for such situations, we here present you a small utility which can be used to correct these skewed documents and to scan and print them properly. Solway’s Deskew is basically a small, useful and a freely available utility, which as the name suggests allows the user to correct the skewed documents. If we go into the working of this utility, then we can observe that this smart tool takes the scanned document image as input which we can say is a skewed image, and produces the copy of deskewed image in the user specified output directory. As said that although it is a small utility in size but it supports wide variety of scanned document image formats, some of them are BMP, JPG, PNG, MNG, JNG, GIF, DDS, TGA, PBM, PGM, PPM, PAM, PFM.

If you want to use this utility to deskew the documents which has been scanned but are skewed then you can simply download the utility from the below given link and can install it. After launching the application, you may start the process and for this you just need to browse and select the particular skewed scanned document and then simply set the output directory where you want the output to be saved.

There are various option for setting various attributes such as maximum skew angle can be set which allows you to specify the angle, and if images are skewed more than this value, then the tool will not be able to deskew it and it must be noted that most images of scanned pages will only be skewed by a few degrees. So, just download it from the below given link and give it a try.

Download Solway’s Deskew.

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