[Fixed] Windows 7 Laptop Battery Backup Too Low

by Rohit Khurana on July 21, 2011


If you travel most of the time and every time when you carry, you have a laptop with you, then I can surely understand that how important the battery backup of your laptop is to you. There many factors which are not managed in our system and that leads to high consumption of battery or while we work on backup. But I will not say that it is possible for you to have a check on all the factors that are responsible for high consumption of power while laptop runs on backup power source.


Today we will be talking about a tool with the help of which you can take care of all the factors or I should say that it will automatically take care of all those factors for you like checking for the time after which your system goes to sleep state or checking the power plan on your system or checking the power consumed by the wireless adapter or adjusting the brightness setting while you are working on backup power. You can see the screenshot of the tool mentioned above.


Once you install this tool, it will ask you whether you want the tool to later the settings of your system to increase the battery backup of your system or you want to do it yourself. If you choose the first option then the tool will automatically scan the settings and fix it for you. But if you choose the second option, then it will show you all the settings in your system, which is responsible for decreasing the backup of your system and then you can correct them manually with the help of this tool.


The screenshot of the application window, where you can alter the setting is mentioned above, just uncheck the settings which you do not want to change and then click next. Toll will change the settings as mentioned by the tool. The size of this tool is around 2 MB and it has been checked with the latest version of Windows i.e. Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition, so if you face any issue while using this tool then please let us know.

Download FixIT

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