Fix Problem Unable To Uninstall Antivirus On Windows 7 or Later With AV Uninstall Tools Pack

by Rohit Khurana on July 25, 2011


As we all know, for data security and in order to avoid any virus attack, almost every user installs one or the other Antivirus software in the system. Antivirus software is basically a collection of software that helps you to keep all your personal data in your system clean and for smoothly run of your system. Essentially, it guards your personal system from any or we can say all kind of online threats, malware, viruses, worms, trojan horses, adware, spyware and any kind of other malicious or harmful programs. But, sometimes you may want to uninstall the currently installed antivirus software from your system.


If you are unable to uninstall your antivirus software using custom way that is through Control Panel, then there is another way out and you have the option of using the special tools known as uninstallers that are developed and released by the antivirus companies in order to make your job easy and uninstall their own security software from your machine. Another way out is that you can also try any of the utility remover tool such in order to uninstall your security software. But, one of the more useful utility then all these methods can be a AntiVirus Uninstaller Tools Pack 2011 which has been recently launched and it includes all the official uninstallers which are developed by the owners of the different antivirus software companies.


AntiVirus Uninstaller Tools Pack 2011 is basically a complete and a free package of tools which are designed to remove different antivirus programs which may be present or installed in different machines. This single tool is basically a combination of a number of uninstallers that are provided by the antivirus companies itself. This tool includes useful programs which may be used for removing more than 30 antivirus and antispyware programs along with the firewalls. As we know, removal utilities or Uninstallers are very much necessary in those cases when it becomes very difficult to completely remove the antivirus program from “Add or Remove Programs”, or in the process of removing errors. So, there in that cases these utilities are used to completely delete all the files, drivers and registry entries related to those antivirus programs. So, in all this particular utility may prove to be very useful especially for those who often deals with installing and configuring different types of antivirus software.
But one of the point that must be noted here is that some of the tools are not intended for use as a primary means of uninstall. So, before trying them or simply before using them, just try to uninstall them through the standard way. You may download this utility from the link given below.

AntiVirus Uninstaller Tools Pack 2011

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