Fixed – Cannot Open A Particular File Type In Windows 7 and Vista With File Association Fixer

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on February 5, 2010


It could be a case when you may find a file in Windows 7 or Vista which you cannot open, and this may happen with a file type which was used to open properly before but suddenly it is shown as unrecognized file which cannot open until you assign a program to open it.


This type of problem generally happens when you PC got infected with some malware or spyware etc which might have caused this file association problem in Windows. Here is how you can fix this problem of file association in Windows 7 and Vista with a free tool.

This Free tool is called File Association Fixer which detects and fixes the file association problem in windows 7  and vista. In order to fix the association for a particular file type simply click on the file type association icon or name and then you might need to reboot.



This tool currently offers 18 file association fixes for Windows 7 & 26 fixes for Windows Vista, we would always recommend to use system restore to restore your computer before using such tools, you can use some quick system restore tools like Quick Restore Maker and Single Click System Restore application.


Download File Association Fixer

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A. February 7, 2010 at 11:52 pm

I came across your web site and have questions. I have vista but don’t have office on my pc. (Its in the box but haven’t installed it yet!) I often have this problem in not being able to open some files/emails that people send me.

I recently scanned something into my pc; under scans it says
“” when I clidk on it, it has that same window that comes up a lot of the time when someone sends me something and I can’t open it,
:To open this file, windoes wants to know what kind of program you want to use. Windows can go on line and look for it automatically, or you can manually select it from a list of programs that are installed on your pc (?) What do you want to do?
1. Use the we
2. Select a program

How do I know what progam to ope it with? If I make a mistake, what do I do then?

What is the easiest way to open a file/email that was written with a program I don’t have (I have word, but think I receive this written in works?)

Many thanks for you help. Please email back if you have the time.

PS, I never got a disk with my XP pc, and my Vista pc. My xp recently crashed. Is there a disk that I can get that will help me boot up my xp; and is there a vista disk in case this one has something happen to it? I have the restore on the hard drive, but read somewhere that if I got a virus, that that would not do me any good (Is that true?)

Joy to you,
California, USA

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