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by Rohit Khurana on September 6, 2010


If you own a website, then it is your chief concern to check whether your servers and devices like routers, switches are functioning properly and ensure that there is no outages at your servers and devices, because it can effect the performance of your network and will ultimately effect all the people working on your site. But instead of manually checking it all time, you can use a tool called ManageEngine Free Ping Tool which can monitor your complete network automatically.

ManageEngine Free Ping Tool is a smart desktop tool that can automatically monitor your network servers and even external sites at some regular period and notify you immediately if it found any problem in your network and thus provides you a real-time network solutions. So if you don’t want to effect the revenue of your websites, use this freeware to monitor your network.

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This is the snapshot of this tool. This tool is very simple to use. The basic functioning of this tool is that this tool uses ICMP( i.e Internet Control Message Protocol) Ping, and monitors if any of your servers, routers, switches or even mail servers is down for any reason. This tool records your round trip time for both cached and unchached at regular time intervals, and and alert you with real time error if it encounters any.

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To add any network server, you will need to write its address in tab as shown above and then click on Add button. Like you can see I have added “” in this tool. So in the same way you can add a maximum of 10 websites and this tool will monitor all of them simultaneously.

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Now after adding all the websites you will need to decide the refresh time interval i.e time duration after you want this tool to recheck the status of these web sites and after setting refresh time interval, just click on Start button and then this tool will start monitoring your sites.


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When you click on Start button, you will find this tool start working and you can even see all the data i.e Round Trip time, number of times it count the status of your site as success or failure and even the status of your sites. To see how it shows all these data, you can see snapshot below.

05-09-2010 14-00-11

You can see that status of all these sites is shown by green. Green indicates that site is working fine, and since if in case it administer any problem with your network, it will make this status to red. From success and failure count, you can see the performance of your site and hence prevent the crash of your site sever.

Round trip will show the time duration of delivery of packet from your end to server and back to your end. Round trip time will increase if your site is down. So sometimes there may be possibility that your site server is little down, but using this tool you can see round trip time and if you encounter this timing to be increasing, then you take an action instantly to prevent your site getting down and affect number of users working on your site.

You can also see the graphical report of your sites. To see the graphical report, click on Graph which is just next to Data. After that you will see a graph as follows. Now from here too you can see a graph between status of your packet sent and round trip time for all your respective servers. Each server is plotted with different colour.

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The size of this tool is 1.54 Mb and is compatible with all the versions of Windows. This freeware requires at least 512 MB RAM and free disk space of 10Mb. This tool has been tested successfully on Windows 7-32 bit edition.

Download ManageEngine Free Pin Tool

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