How Vulnerable Is My Windows Computer To Cyber Attacks?

by Rohit Khurana on March 7, 2012


Almost all Windows users have sometime been worried about the security aspect while using a computer. We keep hearing incidents of data theft, identity theft, financial information stealing etc. from computers. Computers and operating systems these days are much more secure and safe compared to what they used to be in the initial years when computers starting becoming easily available about a decade back. These are numbers anti-virus softwares and in-built tools inside Windows which are made to counter online threats and virus attacks on a computer, but they are not 100% fool proof. We always say that its better to be safe than sorry while using a computer just like we follow this principle in other aspects of life. My intent is not to scare you, but I intend to make you aware that such threats are real and they do attack common computer users like us. In this article, I will share a small and easy to use software tool which will check how vulnerable is your Windows Computer to cyber attacks, data thefts and other unwanted activities.

Extract Security Analyzer

image – Security Analyzer 2.0 Review

Security Analyzer is a light weight and efficient tool developed by which is just an audit tool which checks whether your PC is vulnerable to attacks or not. It is not an ant-virus or security software, please don’t use it as any substitute for your security software (anti-virus or internet security software). Security Analyzers just check some vital settings which are key security loop-holes exploited by hackers or attackers or phishing softwares to steal your information or attack or hack your computer. Using Security Analyzer is fairly simple. Simply download the extractor file here and run it. This will ask for the path to extract the files. Select a valid path and click extract.

Security Analyzer Extracted

image – Security Analyzer 2.0 Review


After the files are successfully extracted, simple open the location and run the executable file of Security Analyzer Software. It’s a portable tool and freeware, you need not install it on Windows and you can carry it on a pen drive to run it on any Windows PC.

Run Security Analyzer

image – Security Analyzer 2.0 Review

Once you run it for the first time, it will show you license terms and condition, read the, and continue. It will also ask you to select a preferred language. Select and proceed.Security Analyzer License Screen

image – Security Analyzer 2.0 Review

Security Analyzer Select Language

image – Security Analyzer 2.0 Review

Within a few seconds (depending on your computer’s speed), it will display all the settings and report them on one screen. It will also tell you whether the security level is good or bad. You can also make required changes by clicking shortcut buttons provided on the Security Analyzer screen only.

Security Analyzer Report

The tool does not serve as a security solution or security suite, it just lets you know if there is some vulnerability which may become reason for an attack on your computer and suggest your to fix it. Hope you find this tool useful, do share this with your friends and family.

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Rock Solid IT March 9, 2012 at 2:43 am

Interesting stuff. So true though, better safe than sorry.
Thanks for sharing!

lester March 9, 2012 at 9:09 am

its like windows shield in AVAST 7 internet security….. i think i’ll stick to AVAST 7 with a combination of MALWAREBYTES ANTI-MALWARE PRO and TUNE-UP UTILITIES 2012…

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