Free Software To Clean Junk Files, Temp Files, Bad Registry Entries and Lot more

by Rohit Khurana on July 28, 2011


While using the computer system for performing any kind of task, one may not even know that how many junk files are being created and stored in the system as the background process. Whenever the user install any of the utilities or tools in the system, the user may not notice but each time several entries are made for e.g. as a registry in the system and various kind of temporary and junk files are created. So, it is very important to clean up the system frequently so that the space which is consumed by such junk files and other bad files may be cleaned up and may be used by some other utility or task.

But, cleaning up a windows system is not that easy as it involves a large number of tasks which includes deleting temporary files, deleting recycle bin files, removing those unwanted registry entries, clearing the browser cache, history, cookies, download history, and similarly many more files.


So, for such clean up of systems, there are many tools and utilities which are already present and can be used. But, most of these utilities time and again fall short of completely removing the junk from the system, which leads to user trying some other cleaning tool in order to ensure that the remained unwanted data of applications which has been already uninstalled from the system and out-dated files should no more be there in the system. Although similar to these tools but still, AppCleaner is a recently launched junk cleaning freeware utility, which allows the user to scan the complete system for unwanted data, some temporary files, hidden locations which may contain some junk files, browsing history, etc. Although, it is a smart tool and looks for these kind of files by its own, but it also allows the user to specify some custom folders which the user wants to be scanned during the cleaning process for junk data.


The main difference between this smart utility and other of its kind is that it allows the user to select all the important Windows registry locations in order to remove those junk entries which may be present so that the registry structure can be fully optimized.


Now in order to use this small yet powerful utility, you can simply download it from the link given below and can install it on your PC or Windows computer. After launching the application you may notice that on the main screen itself, all supported applications under Apps tab are listed. Further going, there are some of the more tabs which are next to Apps, such as Browsers, Registry and Windows tabs which may prove helpful to scan the system for respective elements. It supports all of these browsers, namely, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

Download AppCleaner

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ha14 July 28, 2011 at 1:24 pm

Indeed a usefull windows cleaner tool

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