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by Rohit Khurana on August 13, 2011


In today’s era of computing and technology, Networking has definitely become one of the most important aspects. In almost every domain, right from connecting to internet through any devices to communication each and every field requires networking logics. But, on the other hand managing the networks and to understand the whole concept is not that easy for the common users. This theory of Network management can really prove to be a complex business, which often requires a whole suite of tools to carry out properly. Earlier also there have been various tools which can help the user to use and maintain the advanced features of networking. But, today we present you one of the latest and useful utility which can serve this purpose and that too with great ease.


Network Stuff is basically a small-sized, useful and a freely available application which has been specially designed for the Windows users. This smart utility comes with a number of network utilities and offers a complete package for the users in the field of networking and remote management. This application comes up with four types of scans, which includes DNS, WHOIS, IP Address, packets details. With the help of this tool, one may easily monitor and administer the local network and other network activities going on.


Using this tool, you may observe that there is a complete graphical interface with various options such as for Ping and Traceroute tools. From the interface itself, one may easily run TCP, UDP, ICMP or CGI scans on the given IP address and ports mentioned by the user. For the complete information regarding this, there is an individual tab known as a Stats tab which displays everything right from the currently open network and internet connections, and even the assorted TCP, IP, UDP and ICMP statistics. It also shows a complete real-time graph displaying the current activity on whatever network interface specified by the user.

After downloading and installing, you may observe that there are number of features and functionalities available in the tool but you’ll have to look out for the function you need and that may look like a tedious task in the beginning. It is so because there are no menus or toolbars here to offer shortcuts, rather you need to drill down through various tabs and buttons to reach to the appropriate feature that you want. Leaving apart this, it is really a useful utility and specially for the network administrator as it can make their work lot easier and that too with the complete information.


After downloading you may observe that the tool includes TCP/UDP telnet, Ping/traceroute, DNS resolver, Whois, Arp, Stats and TCP/UDP/IP tables, TCP/UDP/ICMP/CGI multithreaded scan, Raw packet capture, Raw packet forging, Wake on LAN and Remote Shutdown and many more features. So, download it and give it a try.

Download Network Stuff

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