Recover Deleted Pictures From A Digital Camera Memory Card

by Rohit Khurana on April 5, 2012


Digital cameras are very common gadget these days which are used by almost every armature and professional photographers. Of course there is a huge difference between the entry level point and shoot cameras used by beginners and the professional level DSLR cameras used by professionals for photography, but there is one thing which is common in both – Memory cards. With time, memory cars have become cheaper and faster and easily accessible. Most digital cameras used memory cards of slightly different types and class (class defines performance of a card) etc. All these memory cards are chip-based solid state devices with no moving parts. Enough of geeky talk, lets get back to what we are to talk about – Picture recovery from a digital camera. Sometime by mistake or accidently we delete pictures from a Digital camera either in the camera itself or when we connect the camera to the computer. In this article, I am sharing a freeware tool with you which helps recover accidentally deleted images or pictures form a memory card.

Digicam Photo Recovery Freeware Application

The tool which I am going to share with you is a free tool called the Digicam Photo Recovery and it is a free to use software tool. Most recovery tools work on similar kind of principles, however, this tool is specialized for recovering images and pictures from Digital Camera Memory cards only, so there are higher chances of recovery. However there is no guarantee that the deleted pictures will be recovered 100% but there are few things you can do to ensure that the recovery rate is high or complete:

  1. Never use the Memory cars or Digital Camera to store or click more pictures when you realize that you have deleted some pictures accidentally and you may want to recover the deleted pictures.
  2. Switch off the camera and take out the memory card and keep it in a safe dry case to prevent any kind of damage to the memory card.

Now to recover the pictures form memory card, download and install Digicam Photo Recovery from its official website here. After you install the software, lunch it and connect the Memory card to your laptop or desktop computer. Most laptops come with SD card reader in-built into them, but if you have a desktop or a laptop without a memory card reader, you can use an external USB type memory card reader or borrow it from a friend who might have it. The memory card readers are quite cheap and are available for around $5.

After you connect the memory card to your computer, it will show up in My Computer or Windows explorer as a drive or USB Drive. Do not open the memory card to open and browse manually as automatic scanning softwares like anti-virus or some internal features like ready-boost in Windows may start operations on the cars which may reduce the chances of Image recovery. Simply open the My Computer and see which drive letter is assigned to the memory card. If you don’t see any memory card, you may refer to this tutorial – USB Drive does not show up on my computer – this tutorial is valid for memory cars also. Just note the drive letter on which the memory cars is detected – For example, on my PC I connected my memory card which is detected as j: Drive.


Memeory Card

Now on the Digicam Photo Recovery software select the drive letter and click Recover button:

selecte memory card parth or drive letter

As soon as you click recover, it will ask for a path or folder to recover the images to. NOTE : Do Not save recovered files on memory card, save it on some folder on computer, preferably a folder on desktop. A folder on desktop will help you locate the recovered pictures easily.

Select Recovery Path

As soon as you give the folder path to recover files, it will start recovering and I must say the software is pretty fast and efficient at it as I did recover most of the files I deleted on my memory card. Below is the snapshot of some of these recovered files:

Recovered images

Hope you will find this tool handy to recover your accidently deleted pictures or photos which are not just photos, they maybe your memories you may cherish.

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kalpesh April 6, 2012 at 7:54 am

I have mobile with 12 m.p. camera. now my problem is unfortunately i have delete one of my most important video shooted in that mobile. when i try to recover it with some file recovery software it will be recovered but not played and gives msg bad file what to do ?

Sanjay Apte April 7, 2012 at 9:26 am

Its amazing..
really it is very useful software & I recover my old photographs with this software
thank you

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