Free Windows Incremental, Delta and Image Data Backup Software

by Rohit Khurana on September 11, 2011


File backup is one of the major activities for almost all the users irrespective of the domain in which they work. As a security precaution for the data, backup for all the important files containing important data is done. Earlier, the users used to do this backup either manually or some of the advanced users used to write some scripts and they used to schedule those jobs which automatically took backup for all the mentioned files. But now, various utilities and tools has been developed which can perform this backup according to the needs of the user. Although, there are large number of tools and utilities which can serve this purpose but here we recommend one of the latest developed utility which has lot of advanced features as compared to its ancestors.

Areca Backup is a small, useful, easy to use and a freely available utility which allows the user to select a set of files or directories to back-up the data, to choose where and how which means whether as a simple file copy, as a zip archive, etc., they will be stored, and configure post-backup actions like if the user wants it to send those backup reports either by email or by simply launching custom shell scripts. This utility has been specially designed after keeping various facts in mind. It has been designed to be as simple as possible to set up i.e. it requires no complex configuration files to edit from the user side. The backup configuration which is stored as an XML file in the system can be edited directly through the Areca’s graphical user interface and that too very easily. It tries to be as versatile as possible and thus Areca can use advanced backup modes like delta backup or it simply produces a basic copy of the source files as a standard directory or zip archive.



Along with the above mentioned features, one may also observe that it provides the functionality of archives compression, encryption, allows to store on local hard drive, network drive, USB key, etc. It also allows the user to merge the contiguous archives into one single archive in order to save storage space and thus allowing other data to get stored. Along with all the above mentioned features, it also allows the user to recover the archives or simply the single files as of a specific date. Areca also generates backup reports which can thus be stored on the hard disk or can simply be sent by email.


So, you may download the utility from the below given link and can explore many more features which makes it a special and a useful utility in its domain.

Download Areca

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