Generate Report, Find Out Most Crashed, Hanged Programs On Windows

by Rohit Khurana on May 4, 2011


I have heard a lot of my friends complaining about the hanging problems. Ofcourse, many of you might also have faced the same problem. It is very irritating and at the same time it consumes a lot of time when one or the other interface has been hanged. And if an application hangs in the mid way where you have not saved the work done, it creates a lot of problem. Because every utility may not have the autosave option. In such circumstances, you may I feel that even if you know the root cause of the problem, you can vanish it for the next time. Because you can’t carry your system to the service centre for every little problem. To solve your problem, I have a very easy solution named as WhatIsHAng for you.

WhatIsHAng is a very small freeware of 48.6 KB only. It is something similar to “big things come in small packages”. The small utility will be downloaded very fast. It is a portable freeware. Now onwards, whenever you face the problem that one of your software is hanged, just start WhatIsHAng. It will automatically search the problem. The complete report will be displayed for you in few seconds. The snapshot of the utility has been displayed in the snapshot below.



As shown, the interface has been divided in two panes. The upper pane will contain all the applications which are not responding. If you want to get the complete report, simply select it and press F9. The report will be displayed in the lower pane. If the problem is related to operating system like unable to read or return etc. The report thus generated will have one system call snapshot. But if it is due to the loops problem (infinite, very long or recursive), the report will 3 snapshots of three random execution points. Based upon the different reports you can solve the problem and prevent your software form hanging.

There are few column settings which can be done as shown below. You can choose heading required for the upper pane. By default, all the details are displayed. You can uncheck those which are not required.


There are few limitations you have to take care of while using it. You have to choose Run As Administrator if the UAC is turned on for Windows Vista/ 2008/7. Also, it cannot detect the problem if the application does not have a user interface or there is a problem in thread. In case, your system is hanged you will be unable to run the program.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and is compatible with any other version starting from Windows 2000. Though it has been designed for 32 bit applications only.

Download WhatIsHAng

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