Get Detailed Information Of Emails In Your Gmail / Yahoo / Rediff Inbox

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on January 6, 2010


The way we see emails in our Inbox is a very graphical and presentation oriented way of looking at emails. There is a large amount of Information which is usually hidden from the us when we actually see an email in out inbox.

Gmail logo



The information include the:

  • Detailed header information
  • Email encoding standard being followed
  • Return path of the email
  • Path taken by email to reach your inbox
  • IP address of originating computer / mail-sever
  • IP address of receiving computer / mail-server
  • Message ID
  • Message Priority
  • Mailing server’s address etc

To see the detailed email headers, there is an option on Gmail whenever you open any email. On the right top corner of the email, there is a dropdown option “Show Original” as seen in the snapshot below:

Show full details of an email message

This will open a new windows which will contain full details of the email in simple text form, something like you see below:

detailed email headers



The same thing you can do with other mailboxes like Yahoo mail. In yahoo mail inbox, when you open an email, at the bottom right of email, you will see a link to “Full Headers


This will show you full email headers in Yahoo mail like one below:



To see full headers in Rediffmail email, there is an option on the top left to “Show full headers


This will open a new windows with full header details something like this one below :


This way you can see the backstage information of the email you might have not checked out otherwise. Please tell us your comments and suggestion on the same.

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Sanix January 7, 2010 at 2:01 pm

This is great information that we ignore most of the time and can’t find when we need it the most. My experience with obtaining email details from the Outlook Web Access which does not provide any such information .. disappointing for me.

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