Get Notified When Windows Firewall Blocks A Program To Connect To Internet or Allows It

by Rohit Khurana on August 3, 2011


Security has been one of the most important aspects while considering any kind of user working in any kind of domain. Normally, OS comes up with various features for securing the data from any kind of attacks from any external sources, but still they may lack in providing proper security for its user’s data. Although, Windows 7 and Vista comes up with its built-in firewall but it doesn’t provide proper security and it lacks in providing a proper graphical interface due to which configuration of the firewall is beyond most casual users. So due to this reason, we definitely need a replacement for this which can provide a proper graphical UI in order to make changes and get information.

For this there are already many programs which are available as freeware. One of such programs is Windows 7 Firewall Control which gives users more control on Windows 7 firewall by allowing the users to create application rules, zones, forward ports and many more features. These programs basically convert the default Windows firewall into a complete and full-fledged firewall program. But if you want which should provide you many features but also must be easily accessible and should not make things complex for you, then you may try Windows Firewall Notifier.


Windows Firewall Notifier is basically a small yet a useful program that is used to display messages and balloon notifications whenever a new program tries to connect to the network or the Internet. Although, the Windows firewall blocks such requests by default, but this tool i.e. Windows Firewall Notifier offers the user with an option to temporarily or permanently allow or deny requests from these programs. Once the balloon notification appears, you may click on it to get the different options such as to allow the application only once, always allow the application to access the internet, to block the application once and similarly to Always block the application.



Now to use this utility, you may simply download it from the link given below and can easily install it in your computer and that too in very few steps. After installing and trying it out, you may observe that Windows Firewall Notifier is a nice and useful utility but on the other hand it suffers due to the strange design problem. One of the major flaws is that it has no user interface and no permanent icon can be seen in the system tray. Whenever any action from the user is required, it will pop-up a balloon notification which will appear together with an icon that remains onscreen for two to three seconds after which it also disappears. Then after this, the notification may or may not reappear again. So, one of the other flaw is that it doesn’t give much time for the user as the user has to react within those few seconds when the notification is available.

Overall, we can say that Windows Firewall Notifier offers only limited control over the firewall and once an application rule is created by the user, it is not possible to modify the rule i.e. if a particular application is once blocked then that blocked application will always be blocked and similarly on the other hand an allowed application will always be allowed. In any case if you still want to change the rules then to modify them you have to go to Control panel > Administrative Tools and change application settings from Advanced Firewall Settings option. So, just download it from the below given link and try out this small yet smart utility.

Download Windows Firewall Notifier

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