Get In-Depth Details Of WiFi Networks Around You

by Rohit Khurana on June 7, 2012


In general it is suggested not to trust external and free public networks to use your devices on, but when you are travelling or attending a long meeting or event outside your office or home, you may have to hook on your laptop to another WiFi network. In this article I will share a free tool to help you keep an eye on the WiFi Network and get in-depth detail of a WiFi network around you.

The tool I am talking about is known as Xirrus WiFi Inspector and it does show a very user friendly layout of all the geeky stuff you might want to know about any WiFi connection around you.  There can be multiple uses of WiFi Inspector especially when you are using WiFi outside of your home or office premises.

Wifi Inspector (2)

At public locations you can check all the WiFi connection details in your range and you can see what all networks are safe and what kind of security algorithms are they using, you can locate any WiFi in range, check its signal strength, check what all channels and at what power that network is operating, what bandwidth it supports etc.


Wifi Inspector (3)

You can also identify what all connections are duplicate Access points and which one has best strength so that you can get good connectivity. Using the information on WiFi connector you can also troubleshoot connectivity issues, detect any rouge or suspicious APs etc. You can monitor the signal strengths of networks in real time and conveniently switch from one network to the other using the options on the WiFi Inspector itself. If you need to log this information for any purpose, say you are installing a new WiFi network with multiple APs, you can also export the data as a CSV report for future reference or comparison.

Wifi Inspector (1)

It can also help you check the connectivity on various networks by quickly running a connection test. In short, WiFi Inspector is a handy tool when you want to know all the in-depth geeky stuff related to any Wifi Network around you. Hope you find this tool handy, check out some more Internet related tips by Trouble Fixers.

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