Gmail Attachment Stuck In Scanning For Viruses–Alternative Download Method When Download Attachment Link Is Missing

by Rohit Khurana on December 2, 2011


I receive a lot of document, images, PDF and ZIP files via email and my primary email access is Gmail web Interface. Many a times, when I open a new email with attachment, I get a message saying “Scanning for viruses…” below the attachment icon and the download link does not appear. This does not happen every time that it gets stuck, but sometimes it gets stuck at this scanning for viruses message for long time. There can be many reasons behind Gmail getting stuck at this message, but in this article I will share a trick to download the Gmail attachment even when the Download link is not available.

gmail scanning attachment for viruses

image – Gmail attachment stuck at Scanning for Viruses

The alternate download method works very well for the document files of PDF type, MS Office type, Images and other popular file types. The idea is very simple and listed in two steps below:

Step 1 : When the “Download” link does not appear and “Scanning for viruses” message persists for long time, click on the “View” link on the left side of the message.



Step 2: When you click the “View” link the document file will open in Google Docs by default and you can download the file from there by clicking on the “Download Original” button which appears on the top right side of the page on Google Docs on the left side of the Blue coloured share button. This will download the file on your computer even when the download link does not appear on the Gmail attachment. It may not work with certain file types which are not compatible with the Google Documents, but will work for most usual file formats.

download attachment from google docs

For images and pictures, when you click view, it will open in your browser directly instead of Google Documents, you can right click on such images and choose to save image files on your computer. Hope you find this tip useful and it will come in handy when you badly need to download file for your presentation or work and Gmail is giving you a hard time to download it.

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