[Gmail Trick] Send Emails From Gmail With Any Of Your Email Address | Add All Your Email Addresses To Gmail

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on September 7, 2009



I have to access my personal email id, my trouble-fixers email id and a few other email ids. If you have many email ids, you can make things very simple by forwarding all those mails to one of your Gmail id. Gmail is spacious and fast, so you will need not worry about logging into multiple accounts. You can create filters to separate the emails you receive from different email ids.


The tricky part is to reply to an email from another email id from Gmail. In this article I will share the way how you can add another gmail account to your Gmail account.


Just follow these easy steps:

1. Sign into your Gmail Account, click on Settings >Accounts and Import Screen and click on “Send mail from another address” button.


2. Next screen will be a pop-up which will ask for Name and Email id, enter name and email id and click Next.


3. Next Screen will ask you for setting an SMTP server. Select the Gmail server, this is simple and straight forward.


4. Next screen will ask you to send a verification code, simple press the “Send Verification” button. This is to ensure that its your own email id.



5. Open your other email address you added in step 2, you will receive an email like one below, it will have a code and a link. You can either click the link or put the code in the screen below.



This will add the new address to your gmail. I suggest you to modify this setting just below the “Send mail from another address” button which is an option to reply from gmail and the same address.


That is all you need. Now when you compose an email with Gmail,  you can select the email address from which you want to send it from.


Hope you find the trick useful and productive.

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