[Solved] iTunes App Store App Preview Page Doesn’t Load In Google Chrome

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on February 28, 2012


I use google chrome browser as my primary browser now, as I love its speed and loading time although I have firefox and internet explorer 9 on my work machine but I used there browsers once in a while for some specific purposes. Recently I started facing a strange problem with google chrome which sometimes produced the problem which some how caused iTunes App Store App Page Doesn’t Load In Google Chrome

I decided to solve this problem as I don’t want to change my primary browser just because of this small issue, as some of people interpret this problem as google chrome unable to load the web store page of the iTunes store for an iphone or ipad app or in some cases you can say that google chrome unable to detect iTunes software installed on your computer. Even after clicking the link in iTunes does not work and it worked in other browsers like firefox and internet explorer.

iTunes App Store App Preview Page Doesn't Load In Google Chrome


After a lot of searching around I found some plugin for google chrome which could help you fix the problem. This extension for google chrome is called iTunes Detection Fix it helps google chrome to properly load the preview page on web apple app store for a app and also lets you open the same iTunes software installed on your computer or mac.

appstore app preview page loaded in google chrome

Another helpful extension that could help you to fix this issue is IE Tab as it loads the corresponding app preview page using internet explorer in google chrome. So if you have this extension installed open a new IE tab and copy paste the web app store preview page link in the IE tab. If still it does not solve the problem for we would suggest you to search and open the app in iTunes software or open the appstore app preview web page in other browser installed on your computer or mac.

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