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by Rohit Khurana on August 22, 2010


You might be using your google documents in your day to day life. But on the same time you don’t have time to access your email id or you are not in a mood to login and then go to the documents. So, you might be delaying many of the important tasks. Whereas if you get the direct access to your google docs, it will make your job comfortable and fast. With the help of the tool iGoSyncDocs, you can sync the google documents very efficiently.

iGoSyncDocs is a freeware of 4 MB. It helps you to access, share, upload and download the documents. While sharing you can also specify whether the user is the reader or the writer. There are many other options which can help you to work the way you like. You have to install JAVA to work with this tool. As soon as you download the the software and install java, you can use it. The tool is portable.


You have to enter your email id and password. It is perfectly synchronised with the google documents. Any changes that you have done with the help of this tool will update your docs also.

When you login, there will be complete list of all the documents. You just have to select the file and right click on it. There are number of options present which are as:

  • Online view of the file.
  • Create new document, presentation and spreadsheet.
  • Download and upload files.
  • Refresh, rename, delete, move to trash, star and hide the files.
  • Share the files.


The above snapshot shows collection of all the files present. You can choose to show the documents, presentations, spreadsheets, starred etc. only if required. If you have saved your files in various folders, you can select the folder also. As shown, there is an option to select the folder in the left bottom.

The share option helps you to be specific for different users with whom you are sharing the documents in different way. When you are sharing you have to write the email id of the sharing person. And you can mention whether the person will only be the reader or the writer also separately. This makes your documents more secure and reliable.

You may face some problems while using this tool. Sometimes last function you have used is auto assigned for further process. And you have to login again to overcome the situation. This software will also be developed in the Windows and Linux versions soon. It may solve the problems.

Download iGoSyncDocs

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