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by Rohit Khurana on February 24, 2011


Many of the users are highly concerned about the security settings of their Google accounts. Though Gmail has provided high security levels, still we see that hackers are equally intelligent. We have to be highly cautious while using our ids. This makes that either we should not open our account on the public network or if necessary, then keep the check that any snoop is not present around. Like this there are many other restrictions. Looking into this matter, Google has helped you with the next step of the security level which is known as “Using 2-step verification”. It will ensure you high level of security so that you can use your account freely.


Using 2- step verification is an additional option recently added to your Google account (might be some accounts are not updated yet with the facility). It will send an automatically generated code to your phone which you have to enter along with your password. This will ensure that even if someone tries to hack your account will not have access to it. To make the changes go to, Settings –> Accounts and Import –> Other Google Account Settings. Your Personal Settings will be displayed where the option is present as shown in the snapshot below.


My Account - Google Chrome_2011-02-24_08-14-06

Click on Using 2- step verification. The page shown below will be presented to you. It is a 15 minutes process to complete the setup. But once completed you will be not tensed any more about the security of your account.

2-step verification - Google Chrome_2011-02-24_08-15-53

First, you have to set up your phone to receive the security code. The application must be used only in the case, you are having a phone with accessibility anytime you have to login to your account. If not, you will be restricted to use it. Apart from that you can also set the backup plan if in case you can’t access your phone. After adding all the details you just have to confirm the details and make the verification applicable to your account. It will take few minutes, but once done your account is secure.

Make sure you are ready to use the application because then every time you have to add an additional code to access your account. Some of the users might find it to be time consuming. But of the ones who prefer the security to be of major concern, this is a wonderful option. So, use 2- step verification and make your accounts more secure.

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