Group Files And Folders In Specific Size For CD / DVD / USB / Disk Drives

by Rohit Khurana on September 14, 2010


There are times when we need to back up some important files on hard drive or CDs/DVDs/ Pen Drives or USB Hard Drives and external drives. There is a limitation on the size to be stored. So, for this we select some random files and start making folders but later we realize that its size is too low or too high and we have to try again.

This whole process takes quite a long time so its better to use FileGroup freeware software which is a simple files/directories combiner to reach a precise size and will complete this time-consuming work with just a click of a button to improve the productivity.

It is a user-friendly software which provides you the option of drag and drop for files/directories which has to be combined. You just have to put the group size and click ‘group’, it will show all the combinations in which you can combine them.


When an item is a directory, its size is calculated from its files and sub-directories. Also, the group size depends on the type of storage (e.g. 1.44 Mb for a diskette, 650Mb for a CD). It can also be any arbitrary size. The processing can be stopped at any point of time.

It provides you the option of setting the ‘Tolerance limit’ i.e. the accepted gap between the size of a calculated group and the expected size. The bigger you set the tolerance, the more chances you have, to find a satisfying combination and there is no need to check them all.

But if you will set the tolerance to zero, then it will become very difficult to find the best combination. so, it is an important aspect which has to be set very carefully.

Likewise, there is an option of ‘Merging limit’ which has to be set carefully because files smaller than this will get merged before the group processing.



This utility not only provides the best combination of files/directories but also provides the option of copying or moving the file to the desired location by providing the path of that location. You can do this in the option ‘Group building’.


There is also an option of ‘Thread priority’ which will priorities the group processing  for example, if i will keep the thread priority to ‘high’ then, CPU will first provide its resources to this group.


There is also an option of ‘Limited time’ in which if you set the time for example 5 minutes then, after this specified time the group must be created, even if it is not the best combination.


Download FileGroup 1.1

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