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by Rohit Khurana on August 5, 2011


Performance of a hard drive in a computer system has always been a major aspect to look into. With the latest advancements and the newer technology, the amount of data that is being used and stored on the hard disk is really huge. So, in order to have complete security for this data, it becomes very important to monitor the health and the performance of your hard-disk. Performance of these hard drives on your PC might depend on many parameters and you should know the ideal values for these parameters so that they can be compared in future to know the performance of these hard drives.

So, for this we here present a small utility which can prove helpful in setting a benchmark for al these performance parameters and hence you may compare them whenever there is a need to do so. As already mentioned, DiskMark is basically a small freeware utility which has been especially designed for Windows and it allows the user to benchmark the hard disks and hard drives performance in almost no time. It further allows the user to specify many advanced options which can prove to be very helpful in determining how the drives present in your computers are currently performing. It helps you to benchmark the best and also the typical operating performance for your PC’s hard disks and drives.



DiskMark is basically a very simple and easy to use utility. In order to benchmark the performance for your hard disks and drives, you need to just download the utility from the below given link. After this, simply install it in your system and then once you start the program, it will then prompt you and would ask you to select the particular drive for which you want to bench mark the performance. The small window which appears with the configuration dialog simply allows you to set all the parameters of the disk benchmarking process.


Although, many users might think of this utility as of no use but it can be helpful if you have a lot of important data and you are very conscious about the health of your hard-drives. By using this utility, if someday you find that performance of your hard-disk or drive is going down day-by-day then you may look into the causes and may prevent your hard-disk from crashing. So, in such cases this utility really has an importance. If you want to try out this small app, then simply download it from the below given link.

Download DiskMark

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