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by Rohit Khurana on August 10, 2010


Partion Wizard is an ALL-IN-ONE partition solution and the most convenient hard disk partition manager toolkit including Partition Manager, Disk & Partition Copy Wizard and Partition Recovery Wizard.

It allows users to Resize/Move Partition,Extend System Drive, Copy Disk & Partition, Merge Partition, Split Partition, Convert Dynamic Disk, Partition Recovery and much more.

Partition Wizard does everything you’d probably need a partition tool to do. That alone puts it ahead of some other Windows-based partition tools. The bootable CD and simple controls are a add on bonus.

The wizard is available in various editions with some advanced features. But here we will be discussing about the edition V5.

As we know that through a feature available in windows we can partition our hard disk, so why should we use this wizard? Basically through the windows we can partition our hard disk but will not be able to recover or copy the partition.

This wizard is full of add-on features which make user to perform partition according to there needs. Through this we can copy the contents of the disk on the buffer which saves our document and we can easily merge to drive into a single drive.

Screenshot Studio capture #014


Such application is helpful in getting the complete information about each and every drive. From the looks and features its quite different from others as we can see that there are many add-on features.

The various operation it provides are as Deleting all the partition, Surface Test, Partition Recovery,Wipe Disk, Show disk Properties. With the help of these features we can perform various functions.

Through delete All Partition we will able to delete all partitions in a single click. And through the Partition Recovery we will be able to recover our files easily.

Screenshot Studio capture #017

And through this we will be able to resize the disk space.

Screenshot Studio capture #018

Hence a simple wizard to perform the Disk Partitions with some advanced features.

Download Partition Wizard

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