Hard Disk Performance, Benchmark, Information Tool For Windows 7 Or Later

by Rohit Khurana on September 13, 2011


Data Storage is one of the prime factors which is considered while analysing the quality of any of the computers nowadays. There are number of hard drives available in the market which the user can choose according to the needs and requirements of the user. In some cases, where data is of great value and at any cost the user doesn’t want to lose this data, choice of hard disk is done by keeping various factors in mind. Although, user take care of various factors while choosing the hard disk for the computer, but still there are some things which must be taken care of. It is very necessary to analyse and check the health and status of the hard disk after a regular period of time. Although, there are many utilities available which can be used to check the health and status of the hard disk used in your computer, but the utility that we are discussing today has some distinct features as compared to its ancestors.

HD Tune is basically a small, useful and an easy to use hard disk analyser which allows the user to view the detailed description about the internal hard drives that are connected to the computer. It gives the general information about the connected hard-disk like the type of the hard drive, the serial number of the hard-drive, capacity of the hard-drive, firmware version and buffer size upto which it can hold data, which are very essential to know in some cases because it allows the user to check if that hard drive is the correct one. Sometimes, you might have experienced a situation where you bought a hard-drive and couldn’t even check it and later you came to know that the hard-drive that you bought had a lower capacity and different model number as compared to its given configuration. Along with this information, it also tells the user about the supported and active transfer mode. It is very essential information because if the active transfer mode is not equal to the supported one then it means that your hard drives are not running at top speeds. Along with the above mentioned features, it also shows a complete list of all the supported features of the hard drive which gives some important information in some of the cases.



Some cases you might have heard that disks crashed due to heat which they produced and due to high temperatures which couldn’t be monitored at the right time. So, for this one of the important and distinct feature about this utility is that it shows the temperature of the hard drive in the program window as well and in the system tray so that you can react if it rises to a level that is risky.


So, overall we can say that it is a useful utility and you can definitely give it a try to check the current status and health of the hard-disk attached to your computer. For this, you just need to download this utility from the link given below.

Download HD Tune

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