[Privacy] 5 Tools To Hide Files And Folders In Windows

by Rohit Khurana on July 7, 2012


If you use a shared computer at home or office then you may sometimes feel the need to use some sort of privacy tools to keep your private data, files and folders hidden or private from other users who use this computer. Such files or data maybe something related to your finances, private life, family photos, or any other personal stuff which you don’t want others to see or access. In this article, I share with you 5 useful tools which help you lock or hide your data from other users of Windows. Some of these tools and tips also allow you to put a password on the same and ensure proper protection or privacy of your data from unwanted access.

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SysTools Folder Lock

First tools I talk about in this series is called Folder Lock by Systools. This tools is very light weight and has very basic functionality to add any folders to the folder lock. It allows you to add a password to lock and unlock your files. Be careful to remember its password because if you forget your password, you may not get access to your own files.

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Using this tool is very simple, just install the tool and select the option of Folder Locking, add the folders you want to lock on the very next screen and click on lock. You can set a password to lock and unlock. The same way, when u need to use these files, you can do the same using the unlock option.

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This is another useful tool which you can use to lock and unlock files in Windows. Lock-A-Folder has an even simpler interface compared to the Folder Lock tool above and all the options are shown on one single Window making it a very easy to use folder locking application.


WinMend Folder Hidden

Winmend Folder Hidden is another tool which helps you hide and lock folders in Windows using a password lock which does not allow access to the hidden folders. The folders become totally hidden and no one will actually see if there is any locked folder on the drive until it is unlocked using a password.


File and Folder Locker

If you are still using Windows XP (trust me there are many users), this tool works perfectly with it, its called File & Folder Locker and it helps you lock files and folders in Windows with password protection feature.


Lock Files Or Folder On NTFS Drive [Without Password]

We have shared a small tutorial to Lock Files on Pen Drive or Any Drive without using any software tool by using NTFS permissions change. But the downsize is that there is no password lock on this and anyone with knowledge of NTFS permissions may gain access. But this tip does come handy when you are not able to download or install any tool and it works well with pen drives and portable drives as well.

Hope you find above tools and tips useful, check out more useful tips and tricks by Trouble Fixers.

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