My Computer Displays Empty Disk Drives Of Memory Card Reader

by Rohit Khurana on November 8, 2010


Windows 7 users will be knowing about the high efficiency of the operating system. But, sometimes it increases complexity by showing the irrelevant information (like showing unnecessary icons and more) to the users which is very annoying especially for a beginner who gets confused and thinks that he has done something wrong.


I will explain this here. We all know that My computer is the mostly clicked icon present on the desktop to access hard drives, DVD-ROMs and removable media in multi-read drives. And, many computers ship with multi-read drives so you can directly connect SD, XD, and other removable media from digital cameras, digital camcorders, and other devices right to the computer. But, all of the slots in a multi-read drive show up as drives in windows 7’s My Computer whether there are any media in them or not which gives a very cluttered look to the My Computer.

Now, i will explain you to hide empty drives in windows 7’s My computer.

But before that, i want to explain you that hiding empty drives is different from drives that you connect and disconnect only when you want to use them. For example, when you connect a digital camera to a Windows 7 computer’s USB port, the operating system automatically recognizes the drive, assigns it a letter, and prepares it for use with Windows Explorer.

This is entirely different from a multi-read drive that is continually connected to your computer through and internal USB port.


Lets say, you have a multi-read drive attached to your computer. Then, the slots in the drive show up as empty drives in your computer and each with its own drive letter assigned something like this.


Now, to hide these empty drives, click on the Start>Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Folder Options.


Here, open the ‘Folder Options’ and click on the ‘View’ tab. Here, in the files &folders’ of ‘advanced settings’, there is an option of ‘Hide empty drives in the computer folder’. Just mark the option and click ‘ok’.


After that, your My computer will be cleaned up and will look like this.


Do not worry, your multi-read drive is still always connected to your computer but the drive will now only show up when media are inserted into it. This way, you can avoid the clutter of having many drives listed in Windows 7 My Computer when you only use those drives occasionally.

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Jerry December 19, 2010 at 12:21 am

Didn’t work. Still shows empty drives. It’s new Dell computer with Window 7 home premium

Mark Iliff February 20, 2011 at 10:05 pm

Same as Jerry. I got excited for a while because I’ve been trying to track down a solution to this for ages.

Ah well…


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