Hide Your Files Inside Another Files With Plain Sight

by Rohit Khurana on January 10, 2010



There are many times when you may want to hide your important data files which contain some private information which you don’t want others know or see. These private files could be any thing like pictures, word docs or file of any other type.


In such a case you actually use some ways we have already posted about on how to hide stuff like Hide Your Data Inside BMP, PNG and TIFF Image File Format, Hide Torrents Inside An Image File and Hide Important Data In Bitmap Image File  


Here is another way to hide any file inside another file, read on further to know more.



Plain Sight is a freeware tool which lets you hide files of any type inside another file types.


You can hide your passwords inside your favorite vacation photo. The file you choose to hide inside of remains functional, for example, if you hide inside an image, the image still opens, prints, and looks the same. The only difference is the file size.

Similarly you can hide your data inside songs [ mp3 audio files ]. When you hide data, an Unlock file is generated, that file along with your password are needed to extract the hidden data. It is extremely difficult for someone to find, extract, and decrypt your hidden file. For this reason, you should keep the unlock file that is generated in a safe place and do not keep it with the file you are hiding information inside of.

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