How Do I Capture Screenshot Of My PC Screen ?

by Rohit Khurana on March 17, 2010


We have talked about several screen shot capturing tool for windows like TeboScreen, Screenshoter, 7Capture and ScreenSnap – the best screenshot capturing tool for Symbian mobile devices. In Windows 7 and Vista even there is default screenshot capturing tool called Snipping Tool 


Today we will tell you about another simple to use tool called PrtScr which lets you take the screenshot of your entire PC screen in one go. Once you install this small program and run it, it will display a tiny icon in system tray. Right clicking on the system tray icon you will see the option to take screen shot of the screen instantly or with delay .


Once you select the option to take the screenshot of the entire screen, then you can select from 3 specific type of screen shots based on your mouse button actions.

Once you took your screenshot it will start waving on your desktop screen, as now you need to select the second step of saving this screenshot, mailing it, printing it etc or discard. [ as shown in the image below ]



You will need to enter the title which is the name of the screenshot being saved and the comment which will added to the snapshot, but comment is optional.


Here is how the final image will look like as shown below.


You can further do lot more with this simple and easy to use free screenshot capturing program with its options.


Some Key Features



1. Accessible through Ptr Scr, Ctrl+Prt Scr, or custom hotkey

2. Captures full screen, rectangle selection, freehand selection, or active window

3. Can capture mouse cursor

4. Supports multiple monitors

5. Allows annotation over capture, with smooth, natural mouse drawing

6. Saves capture straight to desktop or to any file, sends it as email, edits, prints or sends to clipboard

7. Exports as JPG, BMP, or PNG (transparent or opaque)

8. Can re-scale capture before exporting

9. Can pre-fill capture title & comments with window title & browser URL

Below is the video of this program in Action which can tell you more.



Download PrtScr

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