Beware Of Facebook ClickJacking Worm Attack

by Rohit Khurana on June 1, 2010


Facebook is one of the most popular Social Networking website these days and connects millions of users to share their photos, status messages, and other online stuff. The online world is not free from problems, there are cyber crimes and security threats all over and one needs to be careful while clicking anything on the Internet.



There has been a recent click-jacking attack via Facebook on some of the Facebook users. It works by taking the Facebook readers to some external page when a person clicks on the malicious link shared by someone. At the external page, there is a button which says click here to continue, but the button is just to fool the users. If the user clicks anywhere on that page, it exploits the Facebook session open in the same web-browser and sends status messages from the users logged in Facebook account.

This status message in turn contains catchy messages with further malicious links which takes the other users clicking on the status links to the external page. This way it keeps spreading from profile to profile. The person who clicks on the external page may not realize that his account has posted malicious status messages which may infect other’s Facebook account in the same way !

This phenomenon of fooling the Internet users by making click somewhere unintentionally and exploiting that click is called as clickjacking. We just wanted to inform our readers to beware of any catchy messages with external links. If you by chance happen to open any such page which you find suspicious, DO NOT CLICK anywhere on that page, do not click even on the blank space of any suspicious page as it may be clickable. Just close such browser window without clicking anywhere on the suspicious Internet page.

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