How To Control Windows 7 PC or Laptop Using Windows Phone 7

by Rohit Khurana on July 2, 2011


If given a chance to operate your Windows computer with the help of your mobile phone, then you will not hesitate. Till now we have seen users accessing their computers with the help of their mobile phones but then they were using Bluetooth technology which could change their mobile phone into a navigating mouse icon, but with the help of Windows Phone 7 and some of the small applications you will be able to access the files, open, minimize or maximize certain applications on your Windows 7 PC and all will be done over WiFi. In this post we will tell you that how you can do that.




First of you will have to download an application for Windows Phone called Remote, which will help you to add your system to the WiFi and then you will be able to connect your system to it. Now you will have to install another application on your system named as Remote Server with the help which your connectivity will be established, the application installed on your system will provide you with a Key and the port number which are supposed to be entered in the application on your mobile phone. It will also provide an IP address of your system which will change every time when you will try to establish a connection with your mobile. As the name of the applications states that this will create a server for the connection between your phone and your system.

If you want it to be fixed then you will have to set the IP address of that WiFi connection. Once you establish the connection you will be able to access all the folders and files of your system and you can even change the display of certain applications on your system. I hope that you will find this solution quite reasonable for accessing your system through your mobile phones. The download links for both of the applications have been mentioned at the end of the post. If you face any issue then please let us know, just put them in the comments section.

Download Remote | Download Remote Server

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